Virtual Paralegal Services

Efficient, professional support when you need it.

What our customers say about our service:

Michelle M, Partner at law firm client:

There are many things that I/the firm like that you do but among them:

  • You are an excellent communicator
  • You work independently but at the same time we know what is happening
  • You deliver a superior quality of service – you have developed many skills, you are experienced, and you are really good at problem solving
  • You exercise good judgment
  • You are discrete with client and firm information
  • You are professional at all times with everyone you interact with
  • You proactively offer us suggestions that are incredibly helpful
  • You infuse thoughtfulness, calmness, expertise and value in all things you do
  • You are pretty much as the glue that holds [firm name omitted] together

Sherry G, Partner at law firm client:

Your work product could not be better, yet you complete work quickly and efficiently. Communications with you are easy, straight-forward, and understandable. You are knowledgeable about so many diverse things that my first thought when I don’t know something is to ask you.

Mary E, Assistant General Counsel at corporate legal department client:

I appreciate your experience and knowledge in the areas of contracting and assisting with litigation. You are very responsive and work well with vendors and internal stakeholders.  Your turn around time is great!